100% Money Back Guarantee

What do we inspect

What is included in our building inspections.

  • Onsite Inspection - this depends on inspection option selected

  • Provide over the phone  advice relating to maintenance queries

  • Full colour photos of property included in the report

  • Digital report including photos emailed directly to you

  • Follow-up phone contact with questions or clarifications as required

  • Peace of mind 100% money back satisfaction guarantee

Inspection Options

We offer 2 Levels of building Inspections. This provides you with options relating to your Resicert building inspection depending on your needs and the type of property which you are purchasing. Check out our inspection comparisons to help you decide which inspection is right for you.

Resicert Structural

This is our basic inspection which deals with all key structural components. We will undertake a visual inspection of the walls (internal and external), foundations/footings, and roof framework.

Resicert will provide you a brief and concise report which outlines the structural status of the property. 

Wherever possible Resiecrt will make recommendations as to what we believe is required for rectification

Resicert Structural Plus

This report fully complies with Australian Standard  AS 4349.1-2007 and offers a wider scope for inspection and assessing the property.

This includes the following:

  • Structural components

  • All interior and exterior surfaces

  • Electrical and plumbing

  • Outside items located on the property - carports, patios, paving, retaining walls

This report provides more details and covers a wider scope of items inspected.

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